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Velvet Revolver is dropped by RCA Records [16 Nov 2008|09:00pm]


BLABBERMOUTH.NET has received word from a reliable source that RCA Records (a Sony BMG label) has dropped VELVET REVOLVER, the band featuring former GUNS N' ROSES members Slash, Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum.

VELVET REVOLVER released two full-length albums through RCA/Sony BMG — 2004's "Contraband", which has sold 1.98 million copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan; and its follow-up, "Libertad", which has shifted 301,000 units in the U.S. since its July 2007 release.

VELVET REVOLVER has been looking for a new frontman since dismissing Scott Weiland back in April. Rumored candidates have included ex-SKID ROW singer Sebastian Bach, former MTV VJ Steve Isaacs (THE PANIC CHANNEL) and ex-SPACEHOG vocalist Royston Langdon, who apparently had several successful rehearsal sessions with the band.

Weiland reunited with his previous act, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, and has spent the last few months on the road with them.

In a recent interview with MTV.com, Weiland said about the split with his previous band, "VELVET REVOLVER fell apart because there were too many big egos in the band — and I'm including myself. It wasn't necessarily about bad egos, just big egos, and unfortunately, it just mistakenly kind of eroded."
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Scott Weiland Tour Dates [03 Oct 2008|03:21pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Hey, did you guys see that they finally put up the new tour dates for Scott Weiland's solo tour? Check it out here http://theaudioperv.com/2008/10/02/scott-weiland-new-tour-dates/ I can't wait for the NY show. I wonder if he'll do any of his non-solo stuff. What do you think?

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Duff's pick? [24 Aug 2008|03:08am]

WOuld anyone want to buy a Duff bass pick off of me?

It's from the 2004 Fall Tour.
A pic of the pick is right hereCollapse )

I'm trying to sell off some of my possessions due to an upcoming move.

Any little bit helps.

Contact me via e-mail (heywoodhead@yahoo.com), the PM system LJ has set up, or even in the comments.
Just throw out an offer.

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Looking for Rare Music? [01 Jun 2008|09:00am]
Hey guys,
So, I'm posting this to all communities that I think would be interested. If you're looking for rare albums and such, check out this page: http://www.allrespect.com/collection_search.php?biggest
There's a search box on the right side. You can type in a band name or album name that you're looking for.

It's kinda hit or miss, depending on what you're looking for, but I did some searches with very positive results. For instance, if you're a Foo Fighters fan, I found all these albums:
In Your Honor - Owned by 3 members
One by One - Owned by 3 members
The Colour And The Shape - Owned by 2 members
There Is Nothing Left to Lose - Owned by 2 members
Foo Fighters - Owned by 2 members
Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace - Owned by 2 members
Skin and Bones - Owned by 2 members
We Will Rock You - Owned by 1 members
U.F.O.O. Ecstasy - Owned by 1 members
Brain Damage - Owned by 1 members
Five Songs and a Cover - Owned by 1 members
Echoes Silence Patience & Grace - Owned by 1 members
Skin & Bones - Owned by 1 members
Late!Pocketwatch - Owned by 1 members
With Compliments to Eddie - Owned by 1 members
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Scott Going to Jail [28 Apr 2008|06:48pm]

WOW...Just goes to show you, Velvet Revolver will be MUCH better off...

According to TMZ.com, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS/ex-VELVET REVOLVER singer Scott Weiland has just been sentenced to 192 hours in county jail for his November DUI arrest. This is Weiland's second DUI offense. He has until May 28 to serve the sentence.

Scott, who was not present in court today, entered a no-contest plea through his attorney, Anthony Brooklier. The singer was also ordered to complete an 18-month alcohol program and pay almost $2,000 in fine. He will be put on a four-year summary probation.

Read more at TMZ.com.

Weiland told satellite shock jock Howard Stern last Wednesday (April 23) that he is currently working on his second solo album with producer Steve Albini for a November release. Weiland was joined on the call by NO DOUBT drummer Adrian Young, who is also playing on the record. A release date and title have yet to be revealed. Weiland's first solo effort, "12 Bar Blues", was issued in 1998.

Weiland, who was dismissed from VELVET REVOLVER on April 1, has reunited with STONE TEMPLE PILOTS for a lengthy spring and summer tour, beginning in mid-May at Columbus, Ohio's Rock on the Range festival.
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Slash talks about split from Weiland... [06 Apr 2008|09:08pm]


VELVET REVOLVER's SLASH Talks WEILAND Split, Search For New Singer - Apr. 3, 2008

RollingStone.com spoke exclusively with VELVET REVOLVER guitarist Slash today regarding the band's decision to split with frontman Scott Weiland.

On Weiland's departure:

"Everybody’s just very relieved. This is something that’s been coming down for a while. I know everybody is tying the STP [STONE TEMPLE PILOTS reunion tour] thing to it, but it started way before that. We just had a lot of commitments to fulfill, so we just had to drag this thing out until the obligations were finished. Basically, we're just excited about finding someone else and moving on."

On the search for a new frontman:

"There's some people, but it's really premature to start naming names. We actually worked with a guy, I won't mention his name, before we left to go to the UK and there just wasn't enough to break him in, so we're gonna work with him again some more, and maybe some other guys as well."

On Weiland's recommendation that the band hire former SKID ROW vocalist Sebastian Bach:

"I thought [Weiland] could be a little bit more imaginative. I'm not sure if that was meant to be a pot shot or what. Whatever, it's not worth any real drama."

Seperate note:
(Seems like I'm the only person who posts anymore...this community is like DEAD. Whatevs.)
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Scott's Official statement to MTV News [04 Apr 2008|10:23pm]

Scott- again...hitting below the belt and bashing the whole rest of Velvet Revolver... 

Vocalist Scott Weiland has released a statement to MTV News regarding his dismissal from VELVET REVOLVER.

The founding members of VELVET REVOLVER — guitarists Slash and Dave Kushner, bassist Duff McKagan and drummer Matt Sorum — announced their decision to fire Weiland in a press release issued at the conclusion of the band's final performance with Weiland in Amsterdam, Holland. Slash cited Weiland's "increasingly erratic onstage behavior and personal problems" as reasons for dismissing him.

In a statement released Wednesday morning, Weiland fired back at his erstwhile bandmates, stating, "After reading the comment by Duff, Matt, Dave and the illustrious 'Guitar Hero,' Saul Hudson, a.k.a. Slash, I find it humorous that the so-called four 'founding members' of VELVET REVOLVER, better known to themselves as 'the Project' before I officially named the band, would decide to move on without me after I had already claimed the group dead in the water on March 20 in Glasgow.

"In response to Slash's comment regarding my commitment [to the band], I have to say it is a blatant and tired excuse to cover up the truth. The truth of the matter is that the band had not gotten along on multiple levels for some time. On a musical level, there were moments of joy, inspiration, fun ... at times. But let's not forget the multiple trips to rehab every member of the band had taken (with the exception of one member — no need to mention his name).

"Personally speaking, I choose to look forward to the future and performing with a group of friends I have known my entire life, people who have always had my back," Weiland continued. "This also speaks to my commitment to my music and my fellow bandmates in [STONE TEMPLE PILOTS] and to the fans who I feel would much rather watch a group of musicians who enjoy being together as opposed to a handful of discontents who at one time used to call themselves a gang."

In conclusion, Weiland warned fans not to be "fooled by veiled trickery," and even wished VELVET REVOLVER his best. "Good hunting, lads — I think Sebastian Bach would be a fantastic choice."
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The Offical Statement.. [04 Apr 2008|10:05pm]

 Velvet Revolver has said farewell to Scott Weiland. Founding members Slash, Duff McKagan, Matt Sorum and Dave Kushner released a statement today that said they are parting ways with the singer.

"This band is all about its fans and its music, and Scott Weiland isn't 100 percent committed to either," said Slash in the statement, which was released by Sanctuary Artist Management. "Among other things, his increasingly erratic onstage behavior and personal problems have forced us to move on."

As previously reported, Weiland is back with the reunited Stone Temple Pilots with a full touring schedule beginning later in the spring.

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Matt Sorum: "We have parted ways with Scott Weiland." [04 Apr 2008|09:56pm]

Officially stated on Mattsorum.tv  
Matt put out a video stating that Scott will be leaving Velvet Revolver and going back into Stone Temple Pilots. But the rest of VR will be going back into the studio and writing new songs. So, Matt said they will be searching for a new lead singer...Thanfully the rest of VR will not break up! This is the good news!!!

Only the Scott fans will be disapointed...Sorry guys...but it was his choice to leave. 
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Weiland Annouces End of Velvet Revolver Tour [22 Mar 2008|08:44pm]

I predicted THIS a month ago. So, everyone who thought I was stupid for saying they were breaking up, here's your proof friends!
Matt and Scott also were slinging mud on their personal websites. 
http://www.scottweiland.com http://mattsorum.tv

Glasgow, Scotland (CNS) - Singer and front man of Velvet Revolver, Scott Weiland announced at a gig in Glasgow, Scotland that the band's current tour will be its last.

The rocker told the fans in the crowd, "You're watching something special - the last tour by Velvet Revolver."

It looks like it may have been news to the rest of the group. Band mates Slash, Duff McKagan, Matt Sorum and Dave Kushner just gasped and looked at each other in utter confusion after Weiland dropped the bombshell and stormed offstage.

It seemed Weiland was not having a good night. Shortly after he dropped the shocker, Weiland got into it with a sound guy. After playing a couple of songs, he threw down his mic and walked off stage, only returning briefly to finish another song halfway through.

Weiland recently did a 28 day stint in rehab, which led to the cancellation of several shows in the band's current tour.

On Friday, drummer Sorum reflected on the band's hectic gig in a post on the bands website writing, "Being in a band is a lot like being in a relationship. Sometimes you just don't get along. I guess there has been more turmoil lately, I guess, with the cancellations and all. It has been frustrating, I am not going to lie... Unfortunately, some people in this business don't realise how great a life they have... Everybody could see who was unhappy last night."
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Looks like a Break-Up.. [13 Feb 2008|08:07pm]

[ mood | sad ]

From Eonline.com 

STP is saddling up again.

The Stone Temple Pilots have confirmed plans to regroup onstage for the first time since the group's acrimonious breakup more than four years ago, headlining the second annual Rock on the Range festival May 17 in Columbus, Ohio.

Billed as a reunion of epic proportions, the rockers will play the first night of the two-day event. Joining them on the bill are such testosterone-fueled acts as Kid Rock, Papa Roach, 3 Doors Down, Staind, Seether, Sevendust and Filter.

The Pilots—singer Scott Weiland (on leave from Velvet Revolver), guitarist Dean DeLeo, his bassist-brother Robert DeLeo and drummer Eric Kretz—last performed together at the final show of their fall 2002 tour.

The quartet shot to fame in the early '90s on the strength of the grunge hit "Plush."  A smash sophomore CD, Purple, sold 6 million copies on the strength of singles "Vasoline," "Interstate Love Song" and "Big Empty." The band had a few more hits with "Sour Girl" and "Sex Type Thing," but its last album, 2001's Shangri-La Dee Da, fizzled.

Offstage, the band struggled to deal with Weiland's worsening drug habit and consequent legal hassles and ultimately shut things down the following year.

The DeLeo siblings went on to form Army of Anyone, which garnered little attention or airplay, while Weiland joined ex-Guns N' Roses members Slash, Matt Sorum and Duff McKagan in Velvet Revolver.

That supergroup scored big with its inaugural album, 2004's Contraband, which debuted at number one and sold more than 2 million copies. Last year's follow-up Libertad, received positive reviews but failed to match the sales of its predecessor, selling 220,000 units.

But Velvet Revolver has been a big draw on the road, playing hits from both band's catalogs along with originals. Last year, the guys were tapped to play a batch of Van Halen tunes when the largely MIA Van Halen was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Velvet Revolver wrapped its U.S. tour last month, and after an L.A. date on Feb. 6, Weiland checked himself into rehab again to address his ongoing addictions. His treatment forced the band to scrap a planned trip to Australia and jeopardized European dates set for March. The future of the band appears uncertain at this point.

Weiland's rehab stint comes after the 40-year-old was arrested in November for driving under the influence of drugs after running his Mercedes into another vehicle on a Los Angeles freeway. If convicted in that case, Weiland could face between eight days and a year in county jail and a $1,000 fine. The next hearing in that case is set for Mar. 3.

News of a Stone Temple Pilots relaunch might raise doubts about Weiland's future in the supergroup, especially after he told the Miami Herald recently fans should keep an eye out for news on the STP front in the upcoming year.

Velvet ax-man Slash added to the rumors when he told billboard.com last month that Weiland and his old mates would be reuniting for a full-blown tour.

While so far, there's been no word on any additional tour dates, tickets for the Rock on the Range Festival go on sale Feb. 23 via Ticketmaster.

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Oh My God! Scott arrested again- DUI [03 Dec 2007|05:53pm]

 The Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver singer was driving on an L.A. highway around 6:15 PM on November 21 when he crashed his car. While the California Highway Patrol was investigating the non-injury wreck, they noticed Weiland appeared to be impaired. (Um ... ya think?) According to the police report, Weiland failed sobriety tests and refused to take a blood or urine test. He was booked for "driving under the influence of a drug. "

He was released on $40,000 bail and will be back in court on December 13.

Weiland is no stranger to run-ins with the law. He was busted for buying crack in 1995, domestic violence in 2001, DUI on his birthday in 2003, and as TMZ first reported, allegedly trashed a hotel room while brawling with his wife. His wife later issued a statement saying her hubby was "simply trying to help calm me down." 

I personally am pissed...can't he ever learn!?
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Rock Music Community Open to Public [24 Nov 2007|07:10pm]
I was invited to this rock music community a while back. At the time, the site was by invite only, but it's now open for anyone to sign up. Here's the site: http://www.allrespect.com/

It's pretty cool and let's you find other people who share your same taste in music. You can also get music news and find others going to the same concert shows. You can even add a little form to your LJ page to compare your visitor's taste in music with your own. I got one on my LJ if you wanna see.

Anyway, I'm rambling... just thought I'd share this with the community! Later.
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[16 Oct 2007|01:15am]

38 icons
001-007 Heroes cast
008-027 Supernatural 3x02 "The kids are alright"
028-038 Guns n Roses


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[08 Sep 2007|01:30pm]

Pics I took from the Vancouver gig

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[08 Sep 2007|01:00pm]

Vancouver concert review

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Go to Concerts? [03 Sep 2007|05:54pm]
[ mood | mischievous ]

Another update for what is becoming one of my frequented sites, www.AllRespect.com. They recently added a new Concerts feature. The idea is for you to find other concert goers who are attending the same concerts and then share videos, mp3s, photos, etc. from that show.

The feature is not really being used, but I think it's a good idea, so I'm helping spread the word here. Anywhere, there are still some more invites left to join the new music community. Here's the link:

Enjoy, folks.

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Setlists [17 Aug 2007|05:58pm]

Hey people,

Just saw AiC/VR in Montreal over the weekend and needless to say it was one of the greatest nights of my life. No exageration. I thought I'd include the setlists for those interested. Needless to say I was surprised more than once :)

SetlistsCollapse )
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New Rolling Stone Magazine.. [07 Aug 2007|07:23pm]

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

There is a full article on Velvet Revolver AND Guns N Roses in the new Rolling Stone Magazine.
Very interesting things in there. Pick it up!
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[06 Aug 2007|12:03am]



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